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Next March 15-16th at St. Peter's School, we will be celebrating the 3rd edition of the LTL 2019 international conference. “The students at the centre of learning” will be this year’s starting point.


Aiming to create a forum in which experts from different areas share their knowledge and different approaches to educational challenges, the Learning Through Language conference hosts students, teachers and anyone involved in education.  


As society becomes increasingly complex and our schools more diverse, teachers are faced with the challenge of making learning meaningful for future generations. Our ability to respond to the needs of our students requires an understanding of who they are, where they come from and what they aspire to. Our focus this year is on student agency: enabling and empowering them by giving them a voice in their own learning.


Guy Claxton will be our keynote speaker this year and with Dirk Lagerwaard and Jane Mitchell-Smith, they will be talking about teaching skills for change makers, the learning power approach, and the educational challenges for the future.


Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of the change and register now at http://singularityfoundation.es/ltl

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Joan Rovira| General Manager

tel. 93 204 36 12 jrovira@singularityfoundation.es



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