A Unforgattable journey on Maharajas Express Luxury train

India has the second largest railway network in the world, but its trains are not the most modern or cleanest trains, and they have a bad reputation. With one exception, when traveling by luxury train in India, you can take some of the most impressive trains in the world, and provide five-star service and unmatched travel quality.

It is an absolutely memorable experience to visit India on a luxury train. At all comforts within our reach, we will see magnificent sunsets, incredible scenery, and most importantly, when we pass by, many people will greet us with many smiles and illusions. Traveling in the evening can also save a lot of time, allowing you to take advantage of the time during the day.

Operated by the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), some experts consider it to be the most luxurious train in the world. In 2012 to 2019, Maharajas Express train India won the title of "Luxury Train World Leader" for the World Travel Award for five consecutive years.

You can choose between any of the twelve different circuits that run through Northwest and Central India between October and April, especially in Rajasthan. Its modern facilities add to your dream journey.

One of his most needed excursions was a 7-day marvelous journey that took us from Delhi to Mumbai or mumbai to Delhi or delhi to delhi, taking to Agra (Taj Mahal), Rantambor, Jaipur, Bikaner, Jodhpur , Udaipur and Varanasi. It also includes activities such as a champagne dinner overlooking the Taj Mahal, a wildlife park to watch the Bengal Tiger at Ranthambore, and an elephant polo game in Jaipur.

The most Expensive and luxury train will begin its journey in January 2010 with 20 Deluxe Cabins, 18 junior suites, 4 suites and 1 Presidential Suite. Each cabin of Maharajas Express has panoramic windows, independent temperature control in the cabin, TV, DVD, direct dial telephone and Internet. There are also two first-class restaurants on the train, operated by a five-star chain store. The bar and observation room have their own bar and game table. Other unique aspects include the air suspension system. The film's screening on board.

The price of the Maharajas Express ticket range from USD 2,910 to USD 23,700, depending on the class of the car we choose to travel on this train.

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